Electric machine control, automation


Projection and design
Production of el. switch case
Programable systems

We are designing and producing electrical equipment of industrial machines according to customer requirements, from simple machines for complicated industrial production lines. The final solution contains project and design documentation, installation and startup procedure. In complicated solutions we use programmable device we possibility to reload new software and change functionality and features.

Electrical switch cases we build from standardized cases known suppliers. There are equipped by components of serious and producers (Schrack, Schneider, Moeller and others). We deliver projects up to 1000V, from small size to big cases.

For complicated solutions we use PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) devices of OMRON, Schneider, SIEMENS. Our solutions can be equipped by graphical or textual panels for better operator's control easy use.

For machine drive control we use frequency converter with power up to 50kW. For exact positioning we use OMRON servo-systems.

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