Development and serial production


Development of prototypes on demand
Special machine production
Testing machines - testing automation
Serial switchbox production and cabling

We develop special machines, prototypes for our customers, using new known technologies. We realize non standard solutions for our customers, who cannot find solution within standard products on the market. Our customers are companies and entrepreneurs who need to automate their production. The goal is to save operational costs and increase production efficiency.

Machine production is realized by us and our partners specialized in specific areas. The purpose of machines developed by us is either prototyping or serial production preparation.

Other products we develop are testers or testing automats. They are used for end-testing or inter-operational tests and quality control. Such machines are usually used in production lines/halls where big amount of products need to be tested.

We manage and deliver serial production of switchboxes and cabling for machines an other industry purposes.

For more information or preparing of commercial offer, contact us directly: or tel: +420 571 415 387, Mobile: +420 603 533 227.

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